Radpaya company with 28 years experience in consulting, supply and after-sales service is responsible for the following products :
Measurement equipment and quality control
Laboratory equipment (measurement )
Metallurgical Equipment Calibration
Calibration Services
    Measurement equipment and quality control
testo Germany :
Portable devices to measure temperature, humidity , pressure , air velocity, water analysis , gas analysis , rpm, noise , light intensity , CO, CO2 gas leaks in the indoor , temperature and humidity transducers
Raytek and Fluke America :
Remote thermometers up to 3000 degrees ( Payrvmtr ) for metallurgical industry , heat treatment, glass production , heat and electricity utilities , transducers , temperature and temperature distribution sketched Systems
Time Elektrophysik Germany and Europe :
Analog and digital meters thick coating on ferrous and non ferrous metal substrates , wall thickness gauges , portable hardness tester , roughness tester , Jlasnj , test, paint adhesion , colorimeter and leave Locator
Leybold, SE International America and Germany
Radiometers variety of analog and digital - environmental and personal dosimeters , Gieger Counter, and Yvvy Radiometer Light Meter
BW GfG and Germany :
All measurements of gas detectors including portable and installed with a flammable gas alarms, digital display and features a proprietary , portable leak detectors for flammable gases and refrigerant gases
BEHA Germany Hioki Japan
Connect tester , voltage tester , rotating the display , multi-meter , ammeter , clamp , earth testers , insulation testers , loop impedance testers , RCD, measure cable length , cable fault location , types, Electronic Load, equipment management and control of electrical energy
Types of temperature calibrators and pressure gauge testing
Sick of Germany :
Optoelectronics and controls for equipment such as photoelectric sensors, switches , scanners , contrast , luminescence sensors, color , distance, safety light curtains, plants , transducer types flue gas O2, CO, CO2, NH3, NO, SO2, Dust Monitoring and gas detectors different
IFM Germany :
Optical sensors , Praksymyty ( inductive , capacitive , magnetic ) , temperature, pressure , level, flow , Ankvdrhay incremental and absolute vibration, Vibration, Measurement Systems ( timers , counting trimmer , power supplies and monitors ) , Industrial Network ASI
VEGA Germany - Kobold Germany :
Height measuring instruments , pressure and flow for the automation and monitoring
JUMO German -Wika Germany :
Sensors and controllers , temperature , humidity , pressure, PH, controllers Mini DCS, electric and pneumatic valves , fuel control systems for industrial Rkvrdrhay , a variety of temperature and pressure gauges and transmitters
Germany DOLD :
Control and protection relays for three- phase and single-phase industrial electric , control relays ( current, voltage , phase sequence , speed , engine temperature , brake , idle overload and DC ) , frequency relay , the relay 's Fault, electric ignition. three-phase and single- phase Soft drive, a variety of electronic contactors , timers types ( multiple - delay switch on and off )
Parker and VIMEC:
Types Needle Valves , Control Valves , Manifold and Solenoid Valve
Laboratory equipment (measurement )
HACH-LANGE Europe - America :
- Devices with portable and stationary water analysis and water PH meter, conductivity meter , salinity meter , TDS meters , oxygen meters, kits and simple multi -parameter , turbidity meter , COD, BOD, Aspktrvftv m Vis and UV-Vis measurement Aneuploidy final , cations and heavy metals ...
- Online systems for drinking water , power , food processing, surface water , municipal and industrial wastewaters , such as PH, EC, TDS, salinity , chlorine , ozone , turbidity , hardness , silica , hydrazine , sodium , phosphate , nitrate , ammonia , BOD, COD, TOC , and ...
- Chemicals and reagents which are used in devices such as the introduction of the spectrophotometer , especially aluminum, ammonia , arsenic, atrazine , barium , Bern , bromine , cadmium , chloramines , chloride , total and free chlorine , chlorine dioxide , chromium 6 and Overall , cobalt , COD, color , copper , cyanide , DEHA, detergents , fluoride , formaldehyde , total hardness , calcium and magnesium , hydrazine , iodine, ferrous and total iron , lead, manganese , mercury , molybdenum , nickel , nitrogen, ammonia, nitrate, nitrite , total nitrogen , ozone , PH, phenol , Fsfnat , phosphorus , potassium , selenium , silicon , silver , sulfate, sulfide , sulfite , SS, Tanin, TOC, TPH, trihalomethanes , zinc and ...
- Equipment for water microbiology including microbial testing mobile laboratories such as E coli, Lactose Broth, MUG, SRB and ...
WTW Germany :
Expert analysis in water and wastewater systems , including portable and desktop PH meters , ORP meters , ion meters (ISE), conductivity meter and TDS meter , salinity meter (EC meter ) , oxygen meter (DO meters ) , the multi- parameter instruments for measuring both or more of the above parameters , turbidity meter (Turbidity meter ) , colony counter, and a variety of Aspktrvftv meter photometer and measure their Aneuploidy , cations , heavy metals and electrochemical parameters
Types of Auto BOD , COD reactor and incubated in different capacities
Online analyzers for municipal and industrial wastewater , drinking water , industrial and power generation capability of measuring parameters such as dissolved oxygen (DO), PH, electrical conductivity (EC), TDS, salinity (sal), Turbidity (Turbidity), TSS, ammonia ( NH4), nitrate and nitrite , organic load (BOD, COD, TOC, SAC), phosphate and ...
  Lovibond A. Lehman :
Mini Kit and the Czech kits for a variety of parameters such as Lkalynyth , chlorine , hardness , aluminum, ammonia , boron , copper , iron, molybdate , nitrate , nitrite , ozone , phosphate , silica , sulfate, sulfite , zinc and ...
Types of single- parameter and multi -parameter photometer
Reactor COD and BOD track to test the water
Different types of incubators in various capacities
Portable devices for measuring PH, ORP, EC, TDS, Sal, DO and temperature
Turbidity Meter Portable and Desktop
DKK Japan :
these applications are produced , which are divided into five major sections :
- Portable Equipment
- Laboratory Equipment
- Process Analyzers
- Dedicated analyzers oil refineries
- Ambient air quality analyzers
Laboratory Equipment (Operational )
IKA , Germany :

Activities of the company can be largely segregated into three different sections :
- Design and manufacturing laboratory scale
- Design and manufacturing of industrial scale
- Qualitative and quantitative analysis tools and diagnostics
The company's products can be mentioned the following :
Magnetic mixers , mixers , mechanical pulping machine , water bath , hot plate , pump Prstaltyk , Drkhla’ distiller , juicer machines , laboratory reactors , bomb colorimeter
Rotary evaporator , grinding , viscosimeters , Shaker , mixer , homogenizer , water Mqtrgyry
Metallurgical Equipment Calibration
Heraeus Belgium :
Measurement and analysis equipment for smelting industries , types of thermocouples , Smplr , molten metal thermometer , magnetic and non-magnetic , thermal analysis and measurement of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen in molten metals
Leco, Arun:
Quantometre types , Cutter , Pvlyshr , hardness tester, metallographic microscope , Mykrvhardns , embedded devices
Types of calipers , micrometers , time indicator , gauge blocks , angle gauges , profile projectors, weights reference
Standard calibration equipment dimensions and physical properties and mechanical testing machines
Water pressure and flow logger to be installed on different lines , water and sewer departments and other industrial centers
Stability of 16,8 and 32 channel pc based 4-20mA inputs
Lagrhay GSM / GPRS telemetry for
Gas analyzers CH4, CO2, ...
Analysis and Monitoring of Environmental Systems
Online Analyzers chimney
Automatic and semi-automatic injection systems , chemical


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